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Safes Overview


Call us for expert advise on any size or type of safe, if it’s a TRTL 60x6; cash & jewelry protection; insurance rated against torch and tool attack for 60 minutes on all six sides; or just a home fire safe, protecting a few personal items. When purchasing a safe many factors go into the decision. Making you a more informed customer is our goal. The type of protection is one of the most important, just because a safe has a dial and a handle doesn’t mean it’s "safe". Many have OK fire protection but you need to know who tested it. There are companies that stick their own fire label with little or no testing. Most fire safes are not protected against attack; we’ve seen them forced open in less than a minute, with very little visible damage. Also with those small personal fire safes that all the big box stores sell are great fire protection, just ask the burglar who just carried it off! You just supplied him with a nice little carrying case containing your valuables.

Another factor is choosing the correct size safe; you don’t want to buy one that will be full before we leave. The bigger the better, you should take an inventory of everything that’s going in it, leaving room for some growth. Location is something else you need to take into consideration, the bigger the safe the heaver.

Our job is to inform you of your choices, so come into our showroom and we will discuss your options. An on-site evaluation can determine what our delivery and installation will involve.


  • High Security Safes
  • U.L. Approved Fire & Burglar Safes
  • Office Record Safes
  • Vault Doors
  • G.S.A. Containers
  • X09 & LKM Locks
  • Gun Safes
  • Electronic & Bio Locks
  • Media & Data Storage
  • Deposit Safes
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  • Rigging-Any Size Any Type
  • Delivery, Installation & Moving
  • Vault Door Installation
  • Safe Deposit Box Opening
  • Safes Opened & Serviced
  • Combinations Changed
  • G.S.A.& LKM Certified
  • High Security Safes Opened & Serviced
  • Cash Management Solutions