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Chris and I turned fifty in 2009. Billy S. is back and is really doing well, with over 17 years here.

 We recently celebrated Kelly and Shawn’s 15-year anniversary here. Shawn was working at Fredericksburg Hardware; he brings a wealth of knowledge on board. Kelly, I picked out of 250 applicants. I numbered the envelopes to keep track of them and her’s was #1. We still feel the same!

Dean; has become quite the craftsman, and Cameron’s skills cover many phases of the business. They both have been here over 10 years. As road techs they focus on the residential and commercial business. Pam has become quite the locksmith; her job includes counter sales/ repair and set-up work, purchasing, and inventory control. Pam is 100% committed to her job. Our inventory control has never been better. Then there’s Jordan who is holding his own, is really well rounded; handling anything we throw at him. Jordan and Chris’ son Billy, were best friends. Chris G is the latest addition, we couldn’t have asked for a better fit, teaming up with Pam on the counter. And of course Wendy, who pulls the whole team together. Blessed with incredible management skills, she has turned the cash flow of this business into its best in our 40year history.

I would also like to thank everyone who worked here in the past, those who helped build this company, people like my brother Jerry and his wife Alonna, along with Roger, David, Steve, Jonny, Denny, Bill and many others over the years. Also the trade relations like Charlie, Neil, Tom, Andy & the others @ Blaydes. Tom H. and his associates at Clark, as well as Rick R, & David at Rolland Safe (Dallas crew). Mr. Lebenow and Fredericksburg Hardware, who sent many customers our way. Ritchie Stewart for teaching us how to move the big boys. Uncle Homer, George, Dickey, and Jr., life long friends of dads and their families, for loving support through dad’s illness and helping dad and us through the tough times.