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The Future


I feel the future is in our control, even though economically its “crazy times.” Small businesses have to be very creative and resourceful. Once again buckling down. We have managed OK, but not without a lot of uncertainty, caution, and downright fear at times. I feel responsible for the well being of our employees and their families. I don’t think it will ever be quite the same. The gold rush is over; the boom we witnessed here was crazy. It will come back slowly to some sort of normalcy, but I think it will be more realistic, more real money making the decisions, kind of like dad experienced in the beginning.

If we as a company don’t continue to give first-rate service, and quality products, if we rest on our 40year record and coast for a while, like many businesses do, our reputation will fade a lot quicker than it took to get established. I think the values that helped establish this company is the same ones that keep it going.

Jay Musselman