The Electronic Security industry has come a long way; you may be old enough to remember when computers were the size of a gun safe, today your laptop is equaled in power. Electronic Security has also improved, and has become more affordable.

Systems like Medeco’s Hybrid tie in your physical security with your access control. The head of the key contains the access control capabilities, so your building could be controlled at the entrance with the electronics, and the mechanical key for interior locks, keys that can’t be duplicated. Imagine the flexibility that gives you.

CCTV has improved as well, clear images, full color, and longer range. Systems that are web-based, off-site control and monitoring, and DVR (Digital Video Recording) gives you on-site control and monitoring. Professional Lock’s Access Control Division can handle systems from1 to 100 doors and with employees from 10 to 10,000.

Residential electronic security has also improved just be aware that the code system is in many ways is more of a convenience than security. The code can be given out more easily than a physical key or credential and unless it’s an individual code with some sort of audit trail you wont know who’s getting in or when their getting in. With cell phones so popular the code could be given out over the phone from anywhere. Some have one time uses like a maintenance man or codes with time schedules to prevent use after certain hours.

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